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              DMENTID a rapper and songwriter originally from The Bronx,

yet currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He has a focus on creating

music that is incredibly personal and dynamic. In fact, he actually

loves  to be involved in the entire creative process. In addition

to the artistic and technical excellence that DMENTID so proudly

pursues, his music also stands out in terms of the message that

he conveys. The artist loves to write music that is very easy to

relate to for people from all walks of life. While many rappers fall

back into the usual narrative cliches of the genre, DMENTID

wants to do something different, allowing himself to see the world

from a different perspective, the perspective of an average person

             His songwriting style is so authentic and personal that it has often been described as "reality rap.” After all, some of the best hip-hop out there is really all about storytelling. It's all about telling a story and connecting with people through shared thoughts, emotions, and energy. This is definitely something that DMENTID excels at. Musically, the artist is always willing to set the bar higher and explore new ideas, always keeping an open mind. However, most of his songs have a positive attitude, because DMENTID has a goal: helping people realize that fear is the enemy. If we live a life dictated by fear and uncertainty, we might miss out on achieving our dreams. At the end of the day, our own self-doubt could be our worst enemy, especially when it comes to pursuing happiness and fulfillment in life.

              His most recent release, “Aspire,” is actually a perfect example. The project deals with DMENTID and his personal struggles in trying to follow his dreams and music while being stuck with a job that he hated. At the end of the day, Even the artist’s name will remind us that it's really all about embracing the right mentality to really embrace the lifestyle we deserve. If we try to ignore it, will only close many doors and miss out on so many opportunities to feel truly happy and engaged in this life. Artists are not only here to entertain, but also to inspire and motivate. This is a role that DMENTID has taken to heart!


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